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Pick me. I have my hand up.

Oh oh oh. Over here. I have something to say. I like this bag. A lot.

D&G purse from vogue.com

Givenchy fantasy hour

Yes please. It annoys me that some unworthy starlet is going to kill it on the red carpet in this dress. I should be killing it in this dress while I eat a chicken salad sandwich in front of the computer!

from here via the always eagle-eyed Banquet

Hair for ugly girls

You know what the hardest part about having a weird face is? Getting a hair cut. I need someone to start a Pinterest board of hair cut ideas for girls with weird faces. Weak-chinned, long-nosed, coarse-skinned, thin-lipped, wall-eyed wonders need good hair too!  When I look for a new haircut, all the pictures are of the same face but with different hairstyles placed on top. Fine-boned, small-nosed, big-eyed, full-lipped girls that look good no matter what is on top of their head.

We are in the dawn of a new era when decorating blogs and magazines are starting to show photos of real/weird homes, warts and all. Why not a hairstyle blog for the strange-faced?

photo from here

Salt encrusted flamingos

These pictures of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia from the Guardian are kind of summing up everything I like these days: slightly alienating landscapes, science fiction, flamingos. Oh ya, and salt encrusting. Let’s not forget about that.


jumping on the flamingo bandwagon

The funny thing is, I don’t even really like flamingos in real life. They freak me out. Long necks, dirty pink feathers. But I love them in textiles and illustration.

2007 Alexander McQueen shirt from style.com. Alice Schille print from The Linosaurus. Drake’s pocket square from Mr. Porter.

Practice, practice, practice. Repeat.

To be good at something, like, really good at something, requires a certain level of repetition that can get obsessive, tedious, and boring. If you are really interested in doing something well, you can get past, or even enjoy, the monotony of that repetition. Refining the smallest gesture, making minute adjustments, researching, watching and repeating.

I admire certain teenage boys for this trait (I know there are girls out there too!). Watching the boys behind my house on my brother’s skateboard ramp, all day and well into the night going again and again and again, trying to nail the trick.

Sometimes fashion designers feel (especially economically) they have to re-invent the wheel every season: create something new from scratch, dazzle, sell, then move onto the next season. Some designers are good at this. Most aren’t. It’s not a sustainable way to work, to develop a strong identity or to hone craftsmanship. Sometimes I think the best way to come up with new ideas is to master old ones.

So, as always, I go back to Alaia. His exploration of and refinement of a few key ideas season after season, the pushing of his own boundaries through repetition, not through reinvention, is compelling to me of late.

This kind of mastery (if I can call it that) requires a monk-like devotion. It leaves no time for shitty collaborations, store opening parties, and perfume launches.

And I wore my silk dress with the red poppies which is right for my colouring…

Just watched The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie last night and I quite loved the variations of school uniform Sandy wears throughout the film.  Plus her lover’s oversized sweater. This is what my teen-aged self dreamed of looking like.

Fantasy Baseball Uniform

Now this is something. The description takes it to a whole other level: Metallic wrap skirt of eel leather dyed pink, exterior painted metallic gold. Pale pink chiffon slip included.

Yes please. This would really complete my fantasy baseball cape from yesterday.

from Maryam Nassir Zadeh

The Cry of the Unskilled

Why can’t I draw? Why god? Why?  Yesterday I saw an elderly lady getting off the bus and she was wearing…a wool cape with baseball jacket sleeves? I will do my best to describe it and if anyone out there in the universe can make a reasonable hand-drawn facsimile of this garment it would be much appreciated.

Okay, so the body of the coat was a pink and grey ghost-plaid blanket-weight wool. It had no collar or buttons. And it had pink satin 3/4 length ribbed-cuff raglan sleeves. It seriously looked like she cut the sleeves off her Pink-Ladies jacket and sewed them onto her cape.

Why does the universe tease me with these amazing garments? As the bus pulled away from the curb I pressed my face against the glass trying to burn that jacket into my memory.

More is More

I was looking at pictures of the various shindigs surrounding last night’s big event and all I can say is, why not more of this? This is amazing. Joan Collins could eat Angelina Jolie’s leg and Rooney Mara’s bangs for breakfast.

photo from Vanity Fair

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