I know, I know, everyone knows that leggings are a bad idea

by yayayanonono

Recently, in the Globe and Mail there was a terrible (as usual) fashion spread of women dressed as pirates, and they were wearing leggings as pants. For real. And then, in Elle Canada there was this tidbit about how to wear leggings: Skinny leggings layered with a romantic blouse: Victorian style with high lace collar. Layer this blouse with a vest and throw over the whole outfit an over-sized tweed or velvet jacket. Add a jockey cap and the perfect equestrian riding boot.
So, a couple of years ago, I was in Europe, and I saw the loveliest woman wearing leggings under a dress, and for about five minutes I thought she was so clever. When I got home, I cut the feet off my black tights and put them under a nice boho- y dress, as was the style back then. It looked terrible. I promptly threw them out. I was, I think, delusional in Europe. I also bought a bolero style cardigan , which comes back to haunt me every once in a while in my closet. There is something about being in Europe that makes you feel impossibly chic, like you could get away with anything. But it is a lie. Leggings are a lie. And you can never (ever) wear leggings as pants.