Is it just me?

by yayayanonono

So, it being winter time again, it’s time to start piling on the make-up. Gone are the summer days of mascara and lip-gloss. Now it’s all sallow puffy complexion, dark circles and lips drained of pigment. But it’s not all bad, I will start wearing red lipstick, a sure fire pick me up for these dark rainy days. I just picked up a tube of dubonnet from the mac store (where a crazy clown-whore dusted my entire face with bronzer, and later I saw myself in a shop window, and perched upon my pale neck was my big brown sparkly face) and I can’t figure out how to put it on properly. There’s always some stray lipstick making it’s way up my upper lip or crawling off from the corner of my mouth, and the secret to red lipstick is getting it perfect. So I did some research, and I cannot find anything that tells you how to do it without all the needless hoo-ha of lip liners and brushes and powders. If I had known it was going to be such an ordeal, I would’ve stuck with the bronzer. While looking for practical advice (by practical, I mean advice that doesn’t involve buying cart loads of other products), I did find a how-to site for girls that included: how to put on red lipstick, how to clean a cat and how to repel people. So I know I’m in good company with my lack of cosmetic applying skills. I would like my red lipstick to look like this: