I wore this shirt four days in a row to prove my undying love

by yayayanonono

Let me tell you a story about my favorite shirt ever. It was a navy and white gingham blouse, very shrunken and wrinkly (very Steven Alan before Steven Alan), with sleeves that were too short and buttons that were perfectly placed (instead of in the two buttons undone- still looks prudish or three buttons undone- total whore problem I have with most blouses. I’m not sure if there are many companies that have figured this out, but there is a perfect place to put the button that’s on the lower side of between the bosoms. It ensures that everyone can admire your decolletage while still being office friendly, and no unsightly gaping between buttons. But I digress.) the collar was also nice and small and pointy. It was $10. Probably because it was made by children.

I wore this shirt like nobody’s business. I washed it, I dried it, I never had to iron it. But over time, I loved it too much and it started to rip a little here and there, and I would stitch it up, and patch it, all the while keeping an eye out for a replacement shirt and feeling guilty, like I was looking for a new dog before the old one was dead. But there were no gingham shirts as good as the old one. And then one day the sleeve fell off. So I tore the other sleeve off and wore it under sweaters. Then the bottom started tearing off, so I cut it too. This went on for quite some time until all that I had was a gingham dickie. Basically just a collar and a couple of buttons, that I could only wear under crew necks.

Years went by, and no replacement. Until now. I am happy to report that 10 years later, I have found the perfect gingham shirt replacement. It’s from Steven Alan funny enough, and it cost about 15 times the Gap original. It is almost perfect (minus the button placement thing). I have no picture of it, it’s not on their website, and my digital camera is broken so I can’t show you mine, but you can go to the steven alan website www.stevenalan.com and look at the reverse seam shirt and then picture it in this fabric: