Holiday Dresses

by yayayanonono

I like the idea of wearing some kind of caftan-y dress for entertaining at home. I always feel a little odd sitting on my couch wearing heels and a dress waiting for my party guests to arrive, and when they show up, it’s like they’ve just caught me on my way out. A caftan and fancy slippers is a nice eccentric and comfortable option. It’s non-restricting, so you can eat as much as you want, plus it makes you easier to identify as the host.

“Is there more ice?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask the host.”

“I would, but I don’t know who she is.”

“She’s the one in the caftan.”

Problem solved. I found these party dresses on the ebay and for under $50.


and for those not interested in looking like Maude, or for people who are actually leaving the house: