by yayayanonono

It used to be that the only place you could find a plain sweater (i.e. black v neck) was Benetton. It was a store with shelves full of plain sweaters in a variety of colours. That’s pretty much all they sold. I don’t think I am remembering this incorrectly, as I have a friend who worked there as a teenager and his only duty on his Saturday shift at the Market Mall Benetton was to fold sweaters.

But then they started shutting all the stores down. And everyone started to panic. As supplies ran short, my roommate and I had to share one black Benetton crew neck sweater (which eventually got huge holes in the armpits and elbows, but if you wore a black long sleeve t-shirt under it, nobody could tell). This went on for years.

Then Benetton started to open the stores again. And I thought that I would be set up with affordable, decent quality, nice fitting black sweaters. But no, apparently Benetton doesn’t really do sweaters anymore. No, now they do this:

I am not sure how a company gets so far off track. I don’t know too many people with a shortage of cropped funnel neck jackets and gloves that look like socks, but I do know a lot of people looking for black sweaters. You’d think there’d be a market for that kind of thing.