girl guides

by yayayanonono

When I was in grade four I decided that I wanted to be a girl guide. Girl guides had snazzy uniforms, learned valuable skills, and most importantly, all my friends were guides. I loved my uniform. I felt so smart in it. I suffered from delusions of grandeur when I wore it, I thought that grown ups looked at me as some patriotic child soldier, going off to fight for their suburban freedom. In short, I thought I looked like this :girl-guide-uniform-1.jpg

The problem was, I hated girl guides. I hated the goody two shoes-ness of it. I hated all the christian references, and I hated that it was more boring than school. We learned how to be good citizens, how to sleep in a tent in the backyard, how to bake a pineapple upside down cake in a tuna can and how to collect stickers. I received badges for all these things (except the good citizen one). I did learn to tie some knots in the church basement, but we never did anything that actually required the use of them. By the end of grade six I had a sash bereft of badges and was the only girl in my troop who did not receive her all round cord.

But man, did I love my uniform. It was so kicky and crisp. So it saddens me to watch the decline of the girl guide uniform. I can only hope that by making the girls wear t shirts and sloppy cargo pants, they are actually getting to do fun useful things, and that the cargo pockets are used for carrying things like pocket knives and snare wire.