the italians have no time for the interweb

by yayayanonono

So, I was going to write about Marni, and how I want to dress for spring, cause I just saw some of the lovely cotton shift dresses and 3/4 sleeve collarless coats and I thought if I had a million dollars that’s how I’d dress for spring it is perfectly fuss-free and charming. And I went to their website to find a picture of said ensemble, and low and behold they only had pictures of the fall/winter stuff on their very uninspired website. What gives? I was expecting a little more razzle-dazzle from the old Marni. It was very very gray. And corporate. I was expecting maybe some Pedro Almodovar type wackiness and colour. It seems strange that a clothing line with such a strong identity would not follow through with the website.

Then I started to look at all the other big Italian designer’s websites. Same thing. Do they not have good web designers in Italy? Do the Italians just not care? Why do I care? I dunno. I just do.

So, here’s a picture of my fantasy Marni spring outfit from