sailor pants

by yayayanonono

Sometimes, when you’re married to someone for a long time, you become the same size as them. This doesn’t thrill me, but it does mean that my husband and I can share pants. This also means that I can wear his sailor pants. I have coveted these pants for a long time. They are high waisted, flat fronted, ever so slightly cropped and sort of perfectly bow-legged in shape. They are also itchy as all get out.

So, I was looking around for where I could buy some more used sailor pants, and something I’ve noticed is that surplus stores don’t really sell all that much surplus anymore. Have we used it all up? Do people just not dig blood stained WWII combat fatigues any more? Now surplus stores sell camo bikinis and fake swat gear for amateur creeps/stalkers. I love surplus stuff (see my MASH posting from November), but where to find it.

Well, I found this website that has some surplus stuff. I can’t say whether they’re honest or good, but I can tell you that they have a pretty great selection of pea-coats and whatnot. Here are some sailor pants I found on their site: