spring 2007

by yayayanonono

I was talking to a buyer about what sort of things he was excited about for spring, fashion wise, and he couldn’t come up with a thing. And neither could I. There is not a lot of divine inspiration coming down the pipe. Sure, there are some nice spring pieces, but nothing unexpected and fresh. I was looking at style.com and their spring trend report listed these as the key spring looks for 2007:

get sporty

new romantics

pin up girls

so eighties

space odyssey

trapeze artists

So basically everything: eighties, future, sixties, fifties, forties, victorian and right now. Great. Thanks for clearing that up for me. All I could glean from this insightful trend report is that there will be lots of trapeze dresses (aka I didn’t know you were expecting) and Azzedine Alaia rip offs.

I do, however like the Derek Lam stuff for spring. It is hardly earth shattering, but very pretty and wearable: