j. crew

by yayayanonono

I wanted to inject some can-con into my postings, so I was looking at all of my favorite Canadian designer’s websites for inspiration, and there wasn’t a lot of spring to be found. And as it’s grey as a donkey’s ear outside, I cannot bear to post pictures of grey dresses right now. Hopefully, somewhere across this barren tundra, someone is concocting a lovely little green or yellow dress to keep me going through these endless dark days.

I did find some cute things on the very un-canadian j. crew website. I have a terrible guilty love of j. crew and all their preppy finery, but only in their catalogue or on-line. When I walk into their stores I feel terribly depressed, and I realize that j. crew is just like the Gap’s or the American Eagle outfitters.

However, in keeping with my j. crew catalogue fantasy life, here are some terrific bright and cheery items on their spring preview page.