Kingsgate Mall

by yayayanonono

This posting is a little Vancouver-centric, but I think it will touch the heart of anyone who has a favorite neighborhood shopping mall. Kingsgate mall is the best nee the only shopping mall. When I first moved to Vancouver, ten bucks could get you a bottle of wine and a halter top at the Kingsgate. And though my weekends are now spent getting drunk on (slightly) more expensive wine, and I am no longer in need of disposable shirts, I can still find cheap, slightly flawed American Apparel t-shirts (Ruffles Rack), discount Chuck Taylors (Scalie Shoes), and Murrays hair pomade at the Kingsgate. In short, it has something for everyone. On Fridays they have free drop in chess, and at Christmas, Santa greets the kids by riding in on a donkey.

So I am dismayed to find this picture of a reno plan for Kingsgate. Now, I hear these plans were scuttled by new management, but don’t be lulled into complacency, this could still happen. It’s time to stand up and defend our ugly mall from even uglier architectural meddling.