more fall 2007

by yayayanonono

To prove that I’m not just a big complainer, today I’m going to include some pictures of things I like, then I will complain a little bit more at the end.

I like this Oscar de la Renta winter white dress:


And I quite like this Isaac Mizrahi skirt:


And though I loathe the “models just hanging around” fashion show (aka: a really boring party) I do like the yellows here by Chris Benz:


Now for the complaining. It all falls under one theme though, which is derivative. The first offender is Jovovich-Hawk. I’m not sure you can just knock-off vintage Gunne Sax and then get nominated for an CFDA award. OR, maybe you can.

the Jovovich-Hawk dress :


the Gunne Sax dress:


The second offender is Marc Jacobs. He’s always been guilty of the vintage knock offs, but this show was all a bit too Faye Dunaway:


Last but not least, Max Azria, who seems to have just knocked off Marc Jacobs fall 2006. He didn’t even have to go to the thrift store, he just downloaded the pictures on his computer. Naughty!

2007 Max:


2006 Marc: