shrugs and porcupine quills

by yayayanonono

I was a little concerned when I read about Giles Deacon’s new collection in the NY Times. Giant oversize knits, porcupine quills: this all sounded like our hometown girl Hajnalka Mandula. She’s been experimenting with those materials for years.

Well it turns out, I should not have fretted, the Giles Deacon collection was nothing like Mandula’s. Mandula has always incorporated these very organic elements into garments in wearable ways, while Giles Deacon showed them as goofy eye catchers for the runway show.

Here’s a picture of a quite crazy knitted shrug from the Giles Deacon show that has stuck with me:


And here is a picture of Mandula from last year (she better update her website soon because I have no idea what she’s been up to since last year).

I quite love the Mandula line; I can’t always wear it (it has a habit of wearing me) but it’s glorious in it’s construction: