Ports 1961

by yayayanonono

When I was growing up, my Mom’s uniform consisted of pressed jeans, peep-toed sling-back heels, a blazer, and a Ports International liberty print blouse. It’s pretty much the template I use now to get dressed.

So obviously I have a real soft spot for Ports, and I’m happy with it’s revival. I’m a little confused about who Ports is for though. While the clothing and the ads are great and well styled, their stores and website are a bit, well, middle aged. And I mean middle aged in the old fashioned sense, not in the “40 is the new 20” middle aged of today.

It would be nice if the Ports 1961 team could all get together and decide once and for all if Ports is for my Mom or if Ports is for me.

Here’s a Ports store:


Here’s some stuff from the fall 2007 collection: