I used to play a game called olden days.

by yayayanonono

So the kids these days like to wear the neckerchief. And they like to wear it old west style. I don’t understand. When I lived in the Yukon, German tourists used to come to town all wearing the neckerchief, with those Australian oilcloth raincoats and hunting knives on their belts. It was so lame. Grown men all together acting like they were walking into some lawless frontier town looking for whores and whiskey. When really all they were looking for was German food and the tour bus.

So it confuses me when I am walking on main street and I can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a kid in converse and tight jeans who looks like he might be in the stage coach robbing business. What are they wearing them for? So they don’t get dust on their necks?