We walked for days through the desert, never once forgetting that somewhere a foolish man was wasting his hat under the stars.

by yayayanonono

When I saw this picture on style.com all I could think was that I would kill that guy for his hat. Seriously. Where on earth did he get it? Do you know how hard it is to find a perfect hat like that? In Canada?

For the record, I find it a bit much that he’s wearing it to a party. At a store. At night. In April. And ignore the lady in the gold pantaloons and also the hideous stretchy dress on the table. They are but distractions from the hat.

I have been looking for this hat all morning on the interweb. I am going to the desert in two weeks and this hat might be the only thing that separates me from a crispy death under the evil hot orb we used to call the sun.