no worries mate.

by yayayanonono

You know when someone says something like, “I’m quitting coffee because it’s making my teeth yellow” and you’re looking at them and they have nice white teeth, and you think, “If they think their teeth are yellow, mine must be REALLY yellow”? And then you obsess in the mirror about something that up until that day, you had never even thought about? It happened to me with neck wrinkles too. I never even noticed I had them until some woman pointed hers out to me. Now I look at mine all the time. I didn’t even know neck wrinkles were a thing until that very moment. I hate when that happens.

I like teeth, all kinds, especially the kind of funky ones: Snaggle teeth, buck teeth, chipped teeth, under-bites, gaps, even yellow teeth. I just think we have enough to worry about with the waxing and the grooming and the smoothing and the toning and the bronzing and the dying and the fluffing, you know?