If you had a cat you could call it Aunt Gwyneth.

by yayayanonono

Nothing will stop me from buying a dress faster than a bad name. And small time clothing designers are the worst offenders for naming dresses with women’s names. I just saw a dress that I thought was OK but it was called the Gwyneth dress, and so I didn’t buy it because I couldn’t get the image of insipid Gwyneth Paltrow wearing my dress out of my head. And who can forget the years of dresses named the Carrie? Once, I found a dress that had the same name as me and it was really boring and frumpy and it gave me low self esteem.

I am still willing to buy this dress however… mostly because if you put the word Aunt in front of anything it makes it cute. (which is a really good trick if you’re trying to name a cat).

The Aunt Judy dress from Le Train Bleu