My signature piece is the quotation mark.

by yayayanonono

There’s kind of nothing worse than someone with a signature piece. A look, an accessory, a colour that he or she always wears and is invariably defined by. Like Tom Wolfe (below) “He’s the guy who always wears the white suit” you tell friends when “He wrote The Bonfire of the Vanities” brings blank stares. Or Poppy King, the self proclaimed “Lipstick Queen” who always wears red lipstick. If you like red lipstick (which I do) then go ahead and wear it but for God’s sake don’t make it your “thing” even if you are the lipstick queen.

Having a “thing” is not the same as having character or being a character. It does not make you quirky, eccentric or charming. It’s a bit like being the girl who collects everything elephants, or the teenager who proclaims herself weird. It is a sad cry for personality, and as you’ll note below, it does not age well.