I loved the art so much, I bought the coffee cup.

by yayayanonono

I love a museum store. You can always find cool presents there, and nice books, and great toys for kids. Where else am I going to buy Muji products but at the MOMA store? And I have bought tonnes of gifts at the Cooper- Hewitt. Museum stores are like a license to print money.

So, while I’m sad that there’s nothing worth buying at the Vancouver art gallery (except for say, a Persian rug mouse pad or Monet scarf). I’m happy to say that all your gift needs can be taken care of by artist run centres. Last year I bought the best tea towel and scotch glasses from the Western Front, Artspeak has some great artist editions, and Bodgers and Kludgers (which is run out of someones living room) even has their own pretty white and gold coffee cups.

Unfortunately you’ll have to take my word for it, because artist run centres aren’t crazy about the commerce, so you can’t buy stuff on-line (or even look at pictures of stuff to buy on-line). But trust me, there’s some good shopping to be had if you can figure out how to buy stuff from them.

Marcel Dzama salt and pepper shakers