How come the Levi’s store doesn’t carry the Levi’s stuff that people actually want?

by yayayanonono

Because I have so many nice things to say about jean jackets, I’m going to dedicate my whole post to them. I have always owned a jean jacket, and when one wears out another one drifts into my life as if it knows there is a vacancy in my heart.

Until now. I have been jean jacket-less for at least a year now, and every once in a while I pull out my old vintage Lee one, but it is on the verge of falling apart, so I return it to the retirement closet while I look for another.

I was reminded of this one from a Japanese store in Barcelona called Doshaburi by Jargol today. I actually tried this jacket on the last time I was there but balked at the price and didn’t buy it. So, so foolish.


Here are the poor cousin candidates from the Levi’s store and eBay respectively: