Why do I even wonder why?

by yayayanonono

Have you ever looked at men.style.com? Why is it so much better than style.com? Why are they funny? Why are they allowed to swear? Why are their videos of cool things like RZA playing chess with a 16 year old girl chess prodigy? Why do they contradict themselves completely by having a section on ditching traditional tuxedos and then another section on why you should never wear anything but the traditional tuxedo and then be all like, whatever?

Why is lady style.com all Donna Karan telling me that I should give my money to something called Urban Zen instead of getting Christmas presents? Or Nicole Miller telling me to wash my sweater in cold water to save the environment? Why then is it also telling me to buy the biggest diamond I can squeeze onto my bony little finger or to buy a Louis Vuitton bag instead of paying my rent?

Why can’t lady style.com be all, whatever?

Here are some Christmas gift ideas from man style.com and lady style.com, respectively:




A unicorn bottle stopper? Perfect.

Ass/face soap? Hilarious.

$16 000 chinchilla coat? What are they even talking about?