Help the rich help themselves.

by yayayanonono

There is a crisis: Rich people have lost their way.

I had a theory a while ago that with the democratization of “tastefulness”, it would become harder and harder for the rich to define themselves as rich. So my theory was that the rich would start buying and wearing ever more absurd things to remove themselves from the general “tasteful” fashions of the every woman. I thought this theory was really going somewhere with all the absurdist shoes coming out from the big names, the ridiculous silhouettes from Balenciaga, and the inside out outfits from Marc Jacobs (see below).

A sort of “you look really goofy, you must be rich” thing.



But alas, I look at these pictures from the Richard Prince/Louis Vuitton bag launch (gag), and I’m not sure what’s happening. I kind of feel as though these ladies look like how my Mom would dress if she were invited to an “arty” event.