Death to Boutiques

by yayayanonono

Boutiques, boutique hotels, boutique film distributors. If ever a word became hollow through over-use, it’s boutique. And I don’t think this one can change it’s fortunes with a simple re-naming (small store? mini shit hotel? vanity arm of giant film company?) I think it’s time for something new.

I cannot stay in boutique hotels anymore, so I have reverted to old people hotels. In fact I think I would rather stay in a Motel 6. And if Sundance is any indication, the American indie film has become a parody of itself, churning out quirky hits for college co-eds (cue the Velvet Underground).

And last but not least, there is the actual boutique (this is , however nominally, a fashion site after all). There are so many, and they carry the same lines (I can’t even look at filippa k any more) so they no longer offer an option to anything, they have by default become the chain store.

It has become a hollow concept, so it’s time to kill it. What do I propose instead? Not sure. I love Liberty of London. I love when someone operates a store out of their garage. I love old timey hotels where people call you Miss. I love films of all kind, but maybe people just need to screw the distributors and release ’em on the internets.

Hell, maybe I’ll even do my part and open a bed and breakfast.