Starts with Tinsley, ends with Topper

by yayayanonono

I was doing some research today and I had to compile a list of socialite names. These are real names of real people who are alive and breathing here on this earth. These are not names from the days of yore.

Tinsley Mortimer
Somers Farkas
Muffie Potter Aston
Ferbee Bishop Taube
Boykin Curry
Celerie Kemble
Shirrin Von Wulffen
Byrdie Bell
Minnie Mortimer Gaghan
Kipton Cronkite
Temple St. Clair
Campion Platt
Coco Kopelman
Carter Pottash
Clayton Crawley
Bingo Gubelmann
Bronson Van Wyck
Corby Hawks
Whitney Beckett
Topper Mortimer

Good names for chickens maybe.


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