This is what my perfect world looks like.

by yayayanonono

It’s not like me to be so errant in my posting but the garden has become a bit of an obsession and, as this is not a gardening blog, I haven’t bothered boring you with my agonizing decision between blue stone and tumbled granite, and about my sleepless nights wondering why my black nasturtiums are not coming up.

I have also been shopping for a new bicycle. I’d like something that is easy to ride but not so butch as all the new bikes. I want something elegant. With gears.

Here are some pictures. First, a bike in a window in Germany. It would be outstandingly perfect if that sign on the left was on the bicycle somehow. Or conversely, if that sign was for the cafe below and I could ride the bicycle there for a coffee. If I could somehow involve the nasturtium garlands in all this I could die happy.