Yves Saint Laurent Funeral

by yayayanonono

I was looking at pictures from Yves Saint Laurent’s funeral, and it got me thinking about the serious nature of death. Seriously.

When I read the obits and death notices in the paper I notice a lot of “celebrations of life” rather than funerals, as though the sadness and loss can be chased away by some funny anecdotes and a sing along. I think a funeral and all the heaviness that goes with it might have some value. Because let’s face it: when you die, you are gone forever and that sucks.

So back to the Yves Saint Laurent funeral. It looked very French and very formal. Mourners lining the road, navy suits and black ties, flag draped coffin, sunglasses, cathedral. As it should be. I think it expressed the importance of the man and the importance of the loss. There is a place for formality, for tradition and for ritual. For me, funerals are one of the last places where I think these traditions actually help people cope. Funerals do not try to put a sunny face on death.

On a fashion note (this was a fashion funeral after all) I think Claudia Schiffer and Catherine Deneuve looked fantastic. France has incredible florists as evidenced by Catherine Deneuve’s wheat sheaf. Ines De La Fressange also looked great, but alas, no good photos.