by yayayanonono

So I have been doing a lot of research lately trying to find the perfect dress for a wedding (see previous post) and though I am having no luck finding anything in my size or price range (Am I fat and cheap?  That’s depressing.) I have picked out some nice things for fall.

Most of it is from Mayle, which is perfection. And I’m happy they have a website now.

Also a pick from Tucker by Gaby Basora which I swiped off’s blog. Great fabrics, oddly frumpy website. I think this stuff is all about context. If I saw a whole rack of it in a department store I might cringe, but a few select pieces hanging on their own would win me over.

Funny enough the Tucker stuff is sold at Project No. 8 in New York which also sells my Kostas Murkudis dress from last post. Good job NYC.