Boring Sex

by yayayanonono

Have you noticed that there’s nothing really new in the world of lingerie? No progression? I think lingerie may be stagnant.

I was watching an Agent Provocateur fashion show (don’t ask) and nothing was really happening. How many variations on the garter belt can there be? Isn’t there anything new that is sexy? Is it really just corsets and merry widows? I was in an Agent Provocateur store not long ago and it seemed very, how do I say it… mall sexy.

I know I have been a bit of a one woman Kostas Murkudis fan club recently but I have always liked the work he did for Schiesser underwear in Germany. What I like is that he uses the same fabrics for the men’s and women’s line and yet the men’s stuff doesn’t seem fey. It still retains it’s masculinity. Sensual. Something that seems to be missing from the lingerie business these days.