Winnipeg, Tyra Banks etc.

by yayayanonono

I know I have been away and so I should write about what I have seen that is profound and interesting. But I was in Winnipeg and Minneapolis soooo…

I’m going to talk about Gossip Girl instead. I was really interested in the clothes in that show last season (so preppy, so eccentric) and so when I was in the USA I bought a gold headband at J. Crew and I wear it all the time. But last night I was watching America’s Next Top Model (clearing of throat) and Tyra told one of the models to take her gold headband off because it was too Gossip Girl.

I’m confused. And I don’t know why all of a sudden I would listen to what Tyra Banks has to say, but it made me question my judgement just a little bit. Am I too old for the gold headband? Am I too old for TV?

Here’s a picture of Blake Lively because she is the PRETTIEST thing.