Kirk Cameron, Dries Van Noten and me.

by yayayanonono

Dries Van Noten really hit it out of the park last week. The only collection I was excited about before that was the Marc Jacobs show (which in a way reminded me of old Dries). But spring 09 thwarted my expectations by moving away from the layering of floral and ethnic prints into this very classic American sportswear territory.

A lot of the other shows in Paris seemed decadent and boring or so absurd I’m not sure what the point is. I’ve always liked a little subtlety when it comes to clothes and some of the avant-garde collections seemed like showing too much academic cleavage. I get the feeling that designers like Dries Van Noten have a very intellectual design practice but they don’t need to put it on the outside, the ideas are in the seams. Timely for uncertain times.

Anyway, If the world is going to end then I want to be wearing this when I am left behind in the rapture.