Sweater girls

by yayayanonono

I have been watching a lot of good movies lately, trying to make up for the string of blockbusters I rented over Christmas (Step Brothers, Baby Mama, Wanted) but really I’ve been trying to regain the respect of my neighborhood video store guys who had lost faith in me during this dark period. And so I’ve been renting a lot of Italian neorealist films and finally getting around to Yasuhiro Ozu.

I rented Late Afternoon and from a colour perspective it was a knock out; there are a lot of those Gourmet magazine blues with red popping up somewhere, but also the inclusion of a bright margarine yellow. There is an amazing moment when a girl is walking towards an apartment building in a red sweater, and for a brief second in the background another girl is walking down the apartment staircase in the exact same sweater but in the margarine colour. Incredible.

Below, images from the film and a great Chris Ware poster and here are the closest sweaters I could find to the Ozu ones.