Take that 60 Minutes!

by yayayanonono

I just watched the 60 Minutes profile of Anna Wintour, and I  am (needless to say) disappointed. I find it a bit boring (and not just a little cliche) to present a woman who holds a position of power as a cold bitch.

Also disappointing is the need to appear as if above this thing called clothing. Being dismissive of a multi-billion dollar industry and pretending somehow that you know better is lazy journalism. As is the lack of wherewithal to go beyond caricatures and to actually listen to what people have to say. Yes John Galliano looks ridiculous, but I’ve seen a lot of interviews where he is nothing if not charming, articulate and thoughtful-fruity pirate or not.

Perhaps I’m being defensive, it’s not always easy being involved in an industry that is dismissed by others who look at fashion as a petty and inconsequential. And the industry does not always help itself. Don’t get me wrong, there is ridiculousness, but have you looked at the British Parliament lately? Anna Wintour may get a lot of perks from her job but she’s not charging tax payers to clean her moat.

You can watch the 60 Minutes segment here.