by yayayanonono

A friend just turned me on to this website yesterday and I was all excited to share when I noticed that refinery 29 did a story about it this morning. Dag.

However, I think it’s too good to pass up, so take a look. It is so well done, so extreme- I think this may be the future of the online fashion magazine; very individual ideas produced by one person with a very specific editorial vision. Much of what is online now, in a fashion sense, is a scrapbook cadged from other sources that speaks to an individual’s aesthetic but rarely brings forward new ideas.  To create what Luxirare has created takes an enormous amount of work/drugs/money that most of us don’t have the vision/will/time to create. Thank heavens someone does because the internet world is dominated by very boring pastichey tastes.

Just for the record I find Luxirare to be very fetishy and not just a little unsettling. That’s part of what makes it so remarkable.

Below, a cake baked by the creator of Luxirare inspired by the film Vampyros Lesbos. I’m not even kidding.