There’s no business like show business

by yayayanonono

I went away to the Okanagan this weekend and it rained non-stop, but while laying in bed at the Ramada Inn drinking wine from a plastic cup and watching Weird Science I had a fashion revelation.  In the big party scene, just before the Tenderness soundtracked denouement, Kelly LeBrock is wearing an awesome sequined mini dress that looks so now I could hardly believe it (the only fashion I remembered from that movie is the visually offensive leotard she wears in the final scene). The dress could be a Balmain , but better because it’s actually from the eighties and not a tacky $6000 runway tchotchke.

When I got back to town I did some looking around and found some great beaded and sequined dresses at my favourite vintage shop Temple of the Modern Girl. Most of them would need to be shortened, but I think you could do it if you picked off a few rows of beads first, and I found this ebay retailer who had a couple of real winners all going for around $50.

So, some photos. Exhibit A: Ms. LeBrock in said dress. Exhibit B: Balmain dress. Exhibit 3: Ebay dress.

kelly lebrock2