Fur trimmed dresses, gold nail polish. Be still my Russian heart.

by yayayanonono

Do you like my new layout? A little ugly no? I am too lazy to do anything custom, so this will have to do. The last format looked very 2006. Am I allowed to say that yet? Did they say things like that in 1909? That swash font is so 1905.

I was going to write about the shows but I was distracted (as always) by Anna Dello Russo (she of the Leopard wallpaper). Garance Dore took some pictures of her at the Ritz and Shazaam! She looks amazing. Everything is very rich and sparkly. The thing that makes it work for me is the bare face;  a lot of make up would make this very predictable. She definitely lets the clothes do the talking. I also love when people are unabashed with their enthusiasm. Take a picture of me trying on this dress! Now this one! Take a picture of my shoes!

Pictures from Garance Dore below.