Picture Julianne Moore

by yayayanonono

About the shows (sort of). I always really love A Detacher’s collections but they are never shown on style.com (bad blood?) so I often forget about the line. But when I am in New York it is always one of my favourite stores- the visual merchandising is outstanding.

Here’s a few pictures of the Spring 2010 collection (2010 makes everything sound like the olympics to me. 2010 has olympic taint. Ask any Vancouverite. You even say 2010 and you feel like VANOC is right behind you serving you a cease and desist order.)

Anyways… this collection is not going to blow your mind but it is very wearable and cheeky. I just watched the show on the website and it made me laugh, it’s got this very Valium induced muzak that devolves into noise and drone at the end. It’s exactly opposite what everyone else is doing this season with very UP UP UP (everything is fine!) cokey music. I think she really nailed how many women feel in general.