There is hope after all.

by yayayanonono

I am late for my hair appointment, so I only have a few seconds to write (I’m really hoping that a new haircut will get things started for me again. I link success and hair very closely). I just read an article about some new stores in the NY Times and I came across this quote from the designers of JF & Son. They have articulated in a few sentences what I have been thinking about a lot lately re: heritage brands, the fetishization of the old and, as my best (and only) regular commenter Lindsay called it, “guy connoisseurship”.

Mr. Boyer believes that a store must also clearly relate to some contemporary need. Not long ago he and Ms. King were in a bar in Williamsburg, where, as Mr. Boyer said, “guys had waxed mustaches and were shaking drinks.”“We were kind of critical of that — this over-fetishization of a past that also included racism and denial of women’s rights. We work with a lot of feminist artists and so we have no real reason to want to put a deer head on a wall.”He paused. “Is there not enough momentum behind new ideas? Are people not thinking about the future? Are we going to start walking around with monocles?”

JF & Son fall/winter 2009