When the book comes out I am totally going to slay that Eckhart Tolle guy.

by yayayanonono

Did we talk about my hair yet? Maybe that’s why I haven’t been posting. A few weeks ago I went to get my hair cut and there was some kind of grand miscommunication- the cosmos warped, there was a space/time continuum, a black hole magically appeared where my hairdresser’s ear used to be and I ended up with a horrifying shag that I named the Klute .

Three haircuts later, I had short hair. This is a real conversation that I had with friend yesterday:

“I look like Ellen DeGeneres”

“No you don’t. But maybe don’t wear any sweater vests for a while.”

So yesterday I made peace with it. I called a Christmas cease-fire, put down the blow drier and pomade, washed my hair and slept on it. It looks totally fine. And now that I’ve rid myself of the hate, the thrift store gods are smiling upon me. As my reward they presented me with a vintage tuxedo jacket. Much like the one from J. Crew below, except with a notched lapel instead of a shawl collar (you can only ask the gods for so much).

Peace on earth and good will to hair.