Kenya wins the gold medal!

by yayayanonono

I’ll admit something: I haven’t been watching the New York fashion week shows. I’ve been a bit obsessed with the Olympics. Moguls, speed skating and now snowboard-cross. Also the people watching. It’s taking up a lot of my brain space.

But I did manage to take a peak at a few of the shows this morning between reading the sports (sports!) section of the newspaper and Olympic blogs. I like what’s happening at Suno. I can get into their spirit of dressing. Also, I like their website. Fashion companies have the most boring websites these days, they will spend millions of dollars to build and design a store but their websites are such barren real estate. Suno’s really speaks to the aesthetic of the line, and that is very rare. So well done. Right now you are my lead contenders for a New York fashion week gold medal.

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