by yayayanonono

I feel bad even thinking about saying this but…I don’t like Rodarte. I love the Rodarte girls, who seem weird and shy and smart, but the clothes never really achieve what I hope they are going to achieve. They seem crafty and lacking in technique.

I do like some of the ideas and concepts behind the collections, but without the execution, what is it?  An idea, but is an idea enough?  I would like to see some rigour to bring those ideas to a new level. Otherwise it feels a bit like high-end Etsy.

Maybe an apprenticeship with a big house is in order- so they can learn the hand techniques, the embroidery, lace making etc. that I think could elevate their ideas beyond this sort of accidental knits and curtain swag draping.

Zoiks. I feel like I am picking on the nicest girls in school.

pictures of Rodarte fall 2010 from style.com