Change is good. Not always great, but always good.

by yayayanonono

Why haven’t I been posting? There’s a lot going on I guess: career changes, moving, new opportunities, a death, a birthday, decisions to be made. Fashion has always been there in the background but it has had a different purpose these last weeks.

I am turning towards optimism these last days and I am quite sure that if I have a pair of ndc shoes from Eugene Choo I will coast through a tumultuous summer.

Change has got me thinking a lot about uniforms, how to fit in to a new city, how to pack, what to get rid of, what to replace, having a reliable constant. The upside of living in a new place and not knowing anyone is that you can wear the same thing every day and nobody notices. It’s why I love the Dries and Celine shows: the comfort and armour of a good coat is sometimes all you need.