Cross border fantasies

by yayayanonono

I have a bit of a fashion victim story for you. Yesterday I drove all the way to another country to buy a $14 wallet. I guess I planned on coming back with more than just the wallet, but essentially the wallet is what I was after.

There is a Target in Bellingham at the Bellis Fair mall that is carrying the Liberty of London for Target stuff. I was excited because the wallet was sold out online. So I drove an hour, crossed through international customs and had to use my passport- for a plastic $14 wallet.

Let me tell you about this Target stuff. It is total balls. I did not know this. I thought that these collaborations were, you know, okay quality, simplified versions of  designer’s looks. The essence if you will. Boy was I wrong. All the Liberty stuff was made of polyester chiffon. With horrible clingy (get it off me! get it off me!) polyester linings. And everything was lined in white. Navy blue floral print? Lined in white. Black peacock feather print? Lined in white. WTF?

The boy stuff (two shirts and some boxers) were all cotton. Decent cut shirts too. If you are a boy and you are reading this you should go down and buy some because I can assure you that Bellis Fair mall guys are not. Also the ties were silk. Too thick a silk for a tie, but silk all the same.

I also saw the Jean Paul Gaultier stuff. Even worse. There was a dress that looked like it was made out of mustard coloured garbage bags.

Why didn’t anyone tell me this? How come you crazy Americans are lining up all night for this shit?

I did get the wallet. It’s super rad. Picture below.