Infer product, don’t show it.

by yayayanonono

My frustration with luxury brands’ inability to properly embrace the internet is well documented, and I know I’m not the only one out here talking about it, so why are they not listening? These companies are sitting on a mountain of marketing money and hiring some of the best creative people out there, why are they not hiring (or hiring and not trusting) really good web people?

Case in point: Louis Vuitton recently launched a special feature with the Selby. Seems like a move in the right direction no? Well, you’d be surprised what a big (supposedly) cutting edge, moneyed company can botch. Not only is it ugly and awkward to use, worse than all of that is that it lacks the courage of its convictions.

The feature is supposed to showcase the style and spaces of well-known, well-heeled, stylish men around the globe, but it is so product heavy, so infernally boring! Why pick someone interesting like Ruben Toledo and then show pictures of awkwardly styled billfolds and brown attachĂ© cases? It’s like someone at Louis Vuitton had a good idea, pitched it, everyone was on board and then a junior executive got nervous at the photo shoot, “There’s no product! Where’s the product?” and just started shoehorning Louis Vuitton bags into every set-up.

The internet is a whole new exciting world. Why treat it like a magazine advertorial?

Photo of the lovely Ruben and Isabel Toledo.