I think I am going to start keeping Tilda Swinton in my purse.

by yayayanonono

I wanted to convey observations about a kind of limitation of a completely false hierarchy in the market and a kind of global availability and domination of certain luxury brands, which is disappointing at best. It’s possible to walk into a rich person’s house in any city in the world and find the same make of candles, or the same shoes. I find it a waste of cultural specificity and history and myth making, and I would so much rather walk into someone’s house, however much money they have, and feel that I’m actually connecting with the culture of that place and the people who live in that place. I’m disappointed when I go through airports and I see the same shops and I think there’s a way in which that particular luxury milieu is like one big duty-free shop.

-Tilda Swinton from Refinery 29 interview