If I could eat this day, I would.

by yayayanonono

Lately I have been far more inspired by food presentation than by fashion and I am constantly searching for a way to translate the textures, colours and delicacy of great food styling into clothing.

Did anyone read the article about the Danish restaurant Noma in September’s Vogue? The idea of dipping bulrushes into sheep’s milk yogurt and herbs and eating them seemed so romantic to me. As were the photos: a photograph of a dish of blueberries, wood sorrel, thyme, heather and parsley was like an Erdem dress on a plate. And chef Rene Redzepi’s statement that his restaurant’s task “is to reveal time and place” is a reminder of what fashion often isn’t.

When was the last time a dress conjured such powerful memories?

Below, photos from Erdem’s Spring 2011 collection.