A sweater to take you to the underworld

by yayayanonono

This Balenciaga sweater is so great. It reminds me of a little needlepoint pillow of a vicious looking Cairn Terrier that I have on my couch. Every time I sit down beside it, it looks like it’s going to come out of the pillow and bite my face off.

It also reminds me of  a German Shepard from my childhood named “Lady” who spent a lot of her energy trying to menace me through the fence when I passed by. I was not sorry when she ran away and never came back, but sometimes worried that she would appear suddenly outside my bedroom window at night or behind me on my bike in some desolate suburban cul-de-sac.

When I die I would like to be buried in this sweater along with my little terrier pillow. Guarded for eternity by these needlepoint menaces.

photo style.com