Silver linings

by yayayanonono

Today, while I was at the thrift store, I tried on an a persian lamb coat. The thing that I loved the most about it was the lining: a very beautiful emerald green silk with a leaf print on it. When I turned around to get a look at the back of the coat in the mirror, I saw that the lining had sagged and come away so that it was now hanging a good six inches below the bottom of the coat. And I thought it looked pretty great. Because the thing is, when you have a lining that fine you want to share it with people, plus it added this amazing colour and texture to another wise lovely but unremarkable coat.

So this got me thinking about how to mimic this look without having old ladies come up and constantly tell me that my lining was coming out of my coat. What about creating a sort of fake lining for a coat by wearing a silk dressing gown or kimono underneath? You could remove the sleeves (to eliminate excess bulk) and shorten if necessary. When you take your coat off, take the gown off too: treat it as part of the coat.

I may just be getting caught up in the short over long layering that has been sweeping the street style blogs these days, I don’t know. But something about a vivid silk peeking out from a fusty old jacket really gets me jazzed.

Below, two lovely vintage kimonos that are, unfortunately, no longer on the market.