“When I listen to this song, I do feel like I am sailing away and I feel alive in my heart and soul again just as I did in my youth”

by yayayanonono

Yesterday I bought a shirt from the thrift store that can only be described as…I don’t know, Kenny Loggins’ vomit? And the thing is, it’s the only thing I am excited about wearing. Unironically. I am super jazzed about 80’s tropical influenced rayon shirts. Parrot head kind of stuff. When I was looking for examples of the kind of patterns I’m talking about I came across the work of Memphis designer Nathalie Du Pasquier. I have been grossly compelled by Memphis stuff lately, which is no surprise because it’s in the wind, but to wear it? The second time round? I don’t know.

Let’s have a margarita, listen to this song together, then decide.


Fabrics by Nathalie Du Pasquier from the blaaahg